Camella Subic - AMENITIES

Within the 10 hectare enclave, the residents of Camella Subic will enjoy common facilities which enhance the neighborhood and strengthen community bonds.

Common Play Area
A landscaped, open air play area which will become a favorite neighborhood hub for kids, parents and everyone else to get together when the afternoon begins to cool down, and homework and chores are done! Get some fresh air and exercise while you meet your neighbors and fellow residents in Camella Subic.

The Camella Subic clubhouse, for the exclusive use of residents, will be sure to become a focal point for the community to get together, for celebrations, events, or worship.

Basketball Court
A basketball court is an essential in the social lives of teenagers, and what better way to encourage healthy socializing with friends and neighbors than over a game of basketball right here in the comfort and safety of home?

A concrete perimeter fence surrounds the homes in Camella Subic and a 24-hour roving guard patrol will give you peace of mind that only residents and authorized visitors can enter this gated community. Landscaped parks, lush greenery and paved driveways and walkways provide a pleasant, safe and secure environment for you and your family. Value-added services such as a shuttle service with drop off points are also provided for residents of Camella Subic.

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